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"Until one has loved an animal,  a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
If you're like us, your pets have become family members.When you can't be home for them, whether because of work, vacation or other obligations, you want them taken care of with the same love and attention you give them. That's exactly what we do at A Walk in the Park Pet Care. Because we love pets!
A Walk in the Park Pet Care offers a multitude of services for a variety of pets. We can also handle various home services which, by making it appear that your house is occupied, can be a crime deterrent. Choose the schedule and services you want, and we'll do the rest.
Pet Care and Dog Walking:
A Walk in the Park Pet Services:
  • Pet Sitting for dogs, cats, exotic, small furry and large animals.
  • Drop in visits, feeding and play time for any pet.
  • Daily Walks: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes
  • 3 hour + Park or Beach trips Mon- Sun.
  • Pet boarding in our home.
  • Kitty visits, playtime and litter box cleaning.
  • Puppy boarding, vacation care and training.
  • Long term vacation pet care packages.
  • Medicine Administration. (Under supervising prescription from vet only)
All Pet Care Includes:
  • Any required feedings, watering, pet waste cleanup and specialty care.
  • One on one focused pet playtime and socialization.
  • Dog Blogs and Kitty Corner email and text updates of your pets.
  • Pictures of your pets, progress reports and notes during pets sit.
  • Complimentary treats and coupons for future pet services.
Home Care Services- included with pet care:
  • Plant watering.
  • Mail/paper pick up and pet waste disposal.
  • Alarm, door and window security check every visits.
  • Turn on/off lights and/or music, open close windows and blinds.
Specialty Services Offered:
  • Grooming, bathing, brushing, stress-free toenail trims,
  • Pet Errands: Complete transportation to pick up food, supplies, prescriptions, and travel to groomers or vet clinics.
We hope you feel right at home here! Please contact us anytime to schedule a free meet and greet, inquire our special rates and to answer questions about pets and pet care.
       Contact Us (619) 944-2648 
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We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.
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